What year were you born?


What kind of course are you studying?


What subject area best describes the main subject area you are studying?

Medicine Biology
Physical Sciences Mathematics
Computing Engineering and Technology
Social Studies Architecture, Building or Planning
Law Business and Administration
Librarianship or Information Sciences Languages
Humanities Creative Arts and Design
Education Other

Did your mother of father study at a university or further education college?


How are you studying this course?


Who pays your fees?


Why did you come to college? (Please tick all that apply)

    To improve my career prospects

    To gain a place a university

    To meet new people

    My employer insisted I took this course

    To change my career

    To gain new skills

    As a challenge

    As an extension of a hobby or pastime 

How did you hear about the course you are studying?


What year of the course are you on?


The following are questions about how you like or dislike different aspects of the college. Please state whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:


Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I enjoy the course I am currently studying
The course is at about the right level for me
The quality of the teaching has been good
The course materials have been useful
The course will help my career prospects
I am impressed with the college's computing facilities
The course has been a good social experience
The course has met my expectations
I would recommend the college to others

The college is constantly trying to improve its the number of students from under-represented areas coming into education. To gain better knowledge about students that are coming to this college we require your postcode. Your postcode will not be used to identify you or be passed on to anyone else. It is simply used here to gain a better idea on the representation of students from different areas. All your answers are anonymous and in the strictest confidence.

If you are living at your normal home address please enter that address. If you are staying away from your home address during term time enter the postcode of the address you live in outside term time